We use Canon HDSLR cameras that are 12.2 mega pixels. This means that the photos are huge and if you wish you can shop our gallery store and have them put on anything you can imagine or blow them up to poster size.  We use DNP Dye Sublimation printers that create big, fast, dry, smudge-less and coated on-demand 4×6 prints.

We also create a custom banner & LCD booth prompts at no charge!  Everything is inclusive, no hidden charges or silly fees like idle time, charging for props and the photo banner. Deciding about a duplicate photo album with a copy of all the prints are your only available options.

Not only do you get prints on demand but two week after the event you will receive DVDs with all the prints, slideshow & PC screensaver to share. We will also provide an online gallery and Facebook upload. Go to Reliability

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