We recently did a gig at NKU Norse Nights in Alexandria KY. At first I thought no problem this will be easy as only a few people were walking around, then bam, we got slammed. I don’t know were all the people came from all of a sudden but there was like a wave of them coming our way,  it  kinda took my breath away.  Before you know it there were 50 people in line wrapping around the tables and waiting to get in the booth. For the next 3.5 hours we did 150 sessions and took 600 photos. We also squeezed a record 18 people in the booth at once see pics on photowall. No hangups or glitches,  just awesome performance from the booth. It was nice to finally see the booth at optimum capacity and printing super fast continuous 4×6 non stop on demand photos. Wow, we rocked the place, everybody told us we had the coolest booth, (we know this already:)