1) Canon DSLR Camera

It all starts with the camera. We use DSLR Canon 18 megapixel cameras that take beautiful high definition photographs. These cameras work very well with a little continuous lighting from low energy LEDs and capture a very realistic and natural skin tone without any redeye. The photos are not the skinny 2″x6″ strips, they are 4″x6″ with 4 big shots and a large customizable photo banner,large enough for any name & company logo. The camera will take 4 photos 4 seconds apart with a countdown timer, onscreen preview and custom screen prompts. The images are then sent to the Processor and Software where the custom banner will be applied and sent to the DNP Printer. These large 4″x6″ photos make a great keepsake for your guests to remember the fun they had.

2) Pro Software

After the Canon camera takes the 4 images they are sent to a 4 Core processor laptop with 8 gb of ram & 240 gb solid state hard drives.This is where the magic happens our professional software takes over and organizes them into the 4″x6″ photo template and adds the custom side banner.  A snapshot of the current session photo is displayed to the guest for them to laugh at while the next photo snaps them laughing at the first photo and so on. It works really well and creates a lot of happy laughing guests. These final images are printed in 12 seconds. We are combining a fast camera, fast processor, lots of ram, fast software and a super fast DNP Fotolusio printer. This sequence moves a guest through the booth to photo in hand in 35 seconds flat.  This amazing speed and efficiency allows us to do very large receptions and parties. Quality matters!

3) Fast Printer

DNP event printers can print one 4×6 photo every 12 seconds. We will print one 4×6 photo for each guest in the booth up to 12 and one per couple, nobody else does this. This is great for small or large venues and can pump out up to 240 photos an hour with NO guests waiting. With a capacity of 700 photos to a roll we eliminate wasted paper & ink loading time and can print up to 700 in a row. This is printer is built for high speed continuous use and can really pump them out.  We provide the 4×6 size with 4 big pictures and larger side banner in our all our packages. All the photos get clearly laminated in the process and are smudgeless too. This printer keeps the guest line moving and prevents bottlenecks, this equals happy guests and happy hosts. Nobody likes to wait, and nobody will with this printer, this is NOT a home PC printer and a webcam, this is the real deal!

4) Flexible Booth

This is a large photo booth for Cincinnati!  It is 7’x5’x7′ and covered in big black paisley drapes & fits 2-12 persons. Inside is a very comfortable bench seat that accommodates 3-4.  The back of the bench has enough room for 7-8 standing guests. We quickly adjust every shot  for a perfect photo, whether it’s 2 or 12 in the booth. Soft lighting illuminates the guests against the black background.  Mix in a bunch of cool free props like big glasses, goofy hats, mustaches, signs & boas and the fun begins. We use 2 monitors, 1 inside for the guests screen prompts and 1 outside 20″ monitor that is a duplicate of the inside screen for the waiting guests to look at while deciding what props to use. We are also handicap friendly and can easily accommodate wheelchairs. Our booth is very flexible in design and can also be decorated, it’s the perfect compliment to the high tech standards we already have.

5) Free Props

There are tons of free props for you and your guests to go crazy with. We have viking hats with big horns, spartan helmet, police, pilot, prisoner, wizard, jester, fireman, safari, pimp, gangster and a whole lot more. A lot of the items like mustache on a stick and masks on a stick are hand made by us. There are way too many others to mention here, please look at the pictures in the photo gallery to see all the props. It takes 2 tables to just display them and best of all they’re free for you to use.

6) Free Personalization

It’s not enough to have just the big 4×6 photo it must be personalized with your name or logo on the big side banner. If you chose the Deluxe package we will double the prints and put a copy of them in a nice photo album for you to cherish.

7) Free DVD Slideshow

A DVD slideshow will be created from all the 4×6 session photos that will play in your home DVD player with really cool royalty free music. This DVD will have a custom menu and be personalized with your event information and a nice DVD label and sleeve, it will play in your home DVD player like a normal disk.  The DVD and PC Screensaver package will be bubble wrapped and sent in the mail about a week after the event.

8) Free PC Screensaver & iPhone/Android Gallery APP

A PC screensaver will also be created from of all the 4×6 session photos with 126 transitions or wipes that you can install on your Win PC and also share with all your guests. We will include this on the DVD with the digital copies that will arrive about 2 weeks after the event. The iPhone/Android APP is emailed to you the next day with the gallery links.

9) Free Website Gallery & Facebook Album

We use SmugMug the best online photo gallery available with a great slideshow. Your gallery can also be password protected, it’s under the “Gallery” tab on our site. We will also upload the prints to our Facebook fanpage and create an album for you to share with all your friends usually in 24 hours or less. We host the albums for you at no extra charge.  Nobody does it in Cincinnati like Smiley Photo Booth does!!!

10) Great Price – Great People

The Classic package is only $579 for 4 hours of unlimited photos and no duplicates. Don’t be fooled by this “Low Price!”  This is one of the coolest and most high tech photo booths available, it will look & perform well in any environment, Wedding, Private Party or School.  Everything is included in this photo booth, there are no hidden fees or silly charges like idle time, charging for props or the photo banner. We also send 2 smiley attendants to manage the large booth and make sure things go smoothly.

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